WD quick view icon losing connection with MBL

I’ve seen several threads about this, but no fix that I’ve been able to find. After a re-boot of the PC that has quick view installed, the qv icon in the system tray seems to lose touch with the MBL. Hovering the cursor over the icon only shows “WD Quick View”, with no pop-up info about the drive. When I click on the icon the only option I get is 'about WD Quick View". The usual options associated with the MBL are not there. I can still access all files on the drive, and can still get to the UI through my browser.

Also, I’ve found two ways to get the qv icon to again show the MBL:  Reboot the MBL, or reboot the router. Either action always brings the MBL info back to the qv icon. And, rebooting the PC always causes it to disappear again.

yup this has shown this type of issues in the past

what OS do you have? 

have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app?

OS is Windows 7 home premium x64. And yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled quick view, both from the original CD and the latest WD download. No change.

Winows 7 has a more exotic firewall than Windows XP.  Look through that in case it’s a firewall issue.

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I’m using the firewall on Norton Internet Security, so the Windows native firewall is disabled. I tried temporarily disabling the Norton firewall, and no change (quick view is still blank).