WD Quick View for Windows install crashing Server 2016

Version: v2.4.10.17 crashes on install.

Case opened today.
Tested to happen twice after a reset each time. Next thing is to see what it left behind and manually remove what is there. Look at log files too. Any contributions welcomed.

Photo of where it halts Std. OS is available Camera shot.

Is that the version of WD Quick View that you downloaded? If so from where? The current version of WD Quick View for Windows is: v2.4.10.17.


Further Windows Server isn’t listed as specifically supported.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7
Windows 8.1 or earlier

You may wan to see the dedicated WD Software subforum where there there may be more discussion on the Quick View program. One can search for additional discussion topics using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right.


Downloaded today per tech support in order to properly shut down MyCloud.

Repeatable. Some files and folders left behind but no menu items or icons.

Version from properties in setup file, sorry yes Version: v2.4.10.17. Downloaded today from support site. Perhaps a newer version supporting Windows’ current OS is available 8.1 etc. is old. Box does not indicate restrictions and no shutdown on the web portal or other applications as shown in other problems in shutting down MyCloud on icon menu and is generally missing shutdown. Earlier case.