WD Quick View for Mac does not show alerts


I’ve been using WD Quick View SW for a while in Mountain Lion and now in Mavericks and I’ve confirmed alerts list from NAS are always empty.

When I look for same information in WD Quick  View for Windows (Windows 8) alerts history is showed properly.

I have two different units, one My cloud and one My Live and none of them show the alerts.

Is there any were to fix it? Is it happening to other users?

I have explicitly opened Mac OS firewall to this process without succcess

Thanks in advance


What version of the WD Quick view you have installed?

Make sure that you have the latest version.


Thanks for the reply,

I am already using latest released SW version:

Anyone can update with its experience using this program on Mac?

Any way forward from Western Digital?

No one is using this tool on Mac?

I would really appreciate if I confirm this is a generic fault or specifc from my system