WD Quick View does not show information

The WD QuickView does not show the information on the MyCloud (% used, locked, temperature).  Used shows 0% and temperature says “not applicable.”   I am able to access the drive, both on the network and remotely.   I am also able to access the Dashboard, which correctly indicates the amount of capacity left (about 2.4 TB).  The home page diagnosis says “ok.”   I rebooted the unit, but that didn’t solve the problem.   This is a recurring problem - I had issues with remote access last week that were resolved and the QuickView indicator started working again.  It usually stops when I copy data to it.   But now it’s stopped for no apparent reason.  Any thoughts?

Did you update to the latest version of QuickView

Any solutions?  I am having the same problem, except temperature states unknown.  Has the latest greatest software update, yet it has never worked.


Update .NET4 and reinstall QuickView.  I just installed it on my Windows 7 and 8 pc without any issues. All info are shown correctly.