'WD Quick view' and 'WD Smartware pro' dont recognize DL2100

SOLVED (found a reason): It seems to be, that Avast Internet Security software blocks something after the latest FW update. When turning off Avast, WD Quick view is working as it should be… Hmm…

After the latest firmware update (DL2100 --> FW: 2.10.310)
WD Quick view (ver 2.4.13) and
WD Smartware pro (ver. 2.4.13)
dont recognize DL2100 anymore.

A screenshot what WD Quick view does only:

Mapped drives work fine.

Hello there,

Glad to know you were able to solve your issue, hopefully this will help other users on the community with similar problems

Well, this app is causing problems all the time… Now it is showing two devices (only have one) but no info at all… Mapped drives work fine anyway…