WD Quality Problem Hardware and Software MyBook / MyBook Duo Raid

Hi WD,
your german support ist not good. I had a woman on phone line and she did not understand that all what she told me will not help. We need a helpdesk and not people working in a callcenter who do not know about hard- and software problems. At the end she was very unfriendly.

Here is the problem: I have six older external Harddrives all of these are raid systems with two hard drives. They are My Book Studio Pro with firewire 800. All these drives do not run 24/7 the run when they are needed to back up files for safety. Three of them have big problems.

Here are the Problems:
– Drive 1 do not work anymore. I can not turn on the drive. It will not mount.
– Drive 2 do not work anymore. It will not mount and one of the FW800 ports seems to be broken
– one or two AC powerlines seems to be broken too
– Drive 3 had big problems in changing the raid system. Drive Manager from WD does not work well. It runs and will not stop running than shuts down and drive will not mount. After five new starts of my mac I could format with osx build in drive utility
– Drive utility from WD (newest version) does not work on Mac. Tested this on three different macs one of them is a new model with nor special software. It seems that WD has a big quality problem.

Yes these drives are about 8 years old but as I told they do not run for long time. I have 6 of them and I switch monthly the drives to have a secure backup. All these drives are working as backup drives.

By the way: I had also problems with WD MyCloud first edition (one was changed in guaranty the second is working slow), I had one of the first NAS which I wanted to use for Time Machine and the drive never worked as promised.

Hope WD will read this.