WD Purple Surveillance 2TB disconnecting

for 1 year I have a 2TB WD Purple wich i use as a regular driver, for programs and backup,
but since last month it keeps disconnecting every time I try to install something or start a backup.

it just disappear and the backup gets an error, or the program send me a missing file error.
when i reboot my PC it get back.

i already tried to change the Sata and power cable, also formatted the driver but it keeps happening

Help! :disappointed_relieved:

Hi lvking30,

Have you checked the SATA connection? Also, have you tried to connect the drive in other computer?

Thank you for your answer,

I tried 3gb/s and 6gb/s connections, 2 cables… but unfortunately I do not have easy access to a friends computer…

I forgot to mention i already have a 1TB WD HD and a 240GB WD SSD, tried to exchange cables and connections with the failed HD, the problem persisted while the others worked perfectly.

also important to say, i tried to repair the drive with WD tool, but both Quick test and Extended Test failed, a error message say:

Status code = 07 (Failed read test element) Failure
Checkpoint = 97 (Unknown Test)
Smart self-test did not complete on drive 3

and also:

Test Error Code: Unable to repair bad sectors
contact WD support.

Hi lvking30,

It seems like the drive has gone bad and you should replace the drive if it in under warranty period.

Please refer to the link given below in order to know how to apply for the RMA.

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Thank you very much!