WD Purple Drive Question

It looks like the WD AV-GP drives, the WD30EURX for example, have been discontinued. Retail sites mention that the Purple Series replaces the AV-GP series. If so, the information and spec sheets for the Purple drives make no mention of DVR use and talk at length about surveillence system usage. The old AV-GP info sheets did mention DVR applications several times.

Three questions:

  1. Does the Purple series really replace the AV-GP series?

  2. Will the Purple drives work fine in TV DVRs (where the older AV-GP drives did work)?

  3. If so, why are DVR applications not mentioned in the spec and info sheets for the Purple series?


The WD Purple drives are for surveillance systems.

You can see more information on the link bellow:


The line suitable for DVR’s is the following: