WD Purple 3TB for photos and movies backup?

I recently bought WD30PURX 3TB hard drive from store but i read bout data corrupt(Allframe tech.) and im scared now. I have a lot of Bluray Movies, PC Games, and photos. Do I have to worry as second drive ? My First Drive is EVO850 120Gb. Thank You.

Hi the WD Purple is designed for camera usage, however there is no reason why it wouldn’t work correctly on the a Desktop environment. However every hard drive will eventually fail and its always good to have a second copy of the irreplaceable information.

Thank You. I read that AllFrame Tech, correct the data while being copied, so what will do if i copy ISO file ? It will damage somehow. After that i read that ATA commands with this technology only work with DVR device, host controller etc. so im calm now. I have back up on my passport 1tb . Thank you :slight_smile: