WD products to suit new Mac Pro (i.e.: black)?

I have a CTO Mac Pro order due in Jan, and I need to buy a high performance (dual drive) external, ThunderBolt drive for it.

As lame as it might sound, I do not want a silver case for a shiny black Mac. Appearances do matter, when it’s trivial to fix.

Ideally, I’d want:

  • 2, 3, 4, 6, 8TB options
  • minimum 7200 RPM
  • dual drives for Raid 0 (or 1)
  • Thunderbolt
  • Black case to suit Mac Pro

Is WD likely to announce Mac Pro accessories before I have to look elsewhere for a product that meets these requirements?

There’s other Thunderbolt drive with the characteristics you are looking for.

Check the following link:


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That is close to what I am after, actually, so thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

I did look closely at it, and while I would love to get one, after spending ~$8K on Mac Pro and 32" 4K monitor, I have to be a bit cautious.

Basically, I need 4TB minimum, and while the 2TB Velociraptors would be awesome performance, they are roughly double the price per GB at half the capacity of what I was after.

Thanks again, though.