WD Pro 4100 access/certification error

Hi All,

I upgraded the device to OS5, but after the restart is done I can’t reach it either by IP address or DNS based. The device is pingable and I see my file share, I tried from mac, linux, windows OS and browser in private mode, etch. the browser gives the following error: The certificate is valid only for the following, The certificate is valid only for the following: device-local.asd1123-1112.34333.a.remotewd.com.
Currently I can’t login my devices :frowning:

anybody has any solution idea?

thank you

Hitting the local device cert via HTTPS if you’re getting the cert only valid for message.
Takes a few minutes to get the trusted cert after the update to OS 5, but if your enter the IP address, you should be redirected to the device Unique ID URL


I have waited 5 days, I think it is enough, now, I tried this but the WD Nas can’t change the “first login”, any idea?

thank you

@ttt You may want to do the 4 sec pin reset which resets networking and the ‘admin’ user password.
The 40 sec reset does much more and will not delete any user shares or data

Hi, I tiried that, but doesnt work…

@ttt Thanks for letting me know via private message that your issue was caused by the my cloud being on a different VLAN and changing the VLAN ID was your path to dashboard resolution.