WD Print Share for windows ver 2.43

I’m running Windows 7 w/ admin rights, followed the instructions on my N600 support page and the program fails to install.  I get the error “1: Failed to install ISkernel Files.  Make sure you have appropriate privileges on this machine.”

I noticed there was no option to “run as administrator” when trying to install.  Anyone else getting this?

Be sure to have all of the available windows updates and the latest firmware for the N600.

Thanks for answering.  Wish I would have rec’d an email alert when you answered.  Anyway, I have all windows updates, firmware 1.04.16.  Any other suggestions?  I just re-tried downloading and installing again today and I receive same error.  Thanks!

Hello is anyone else having the same issue w/ this updated WD Printer Share?  I still get the original error and I tried all of your suggestions to no avail.  Thanks.