WD PR2100 PLEX Crashing

Purchased a WD PR2100. When load Plex and install the latest firmware from PLEX. I attach my HDPRIME and find my channels no issues. After about 2 hours and try change my chanel I get message it can’t tune the channel on all chanels. After a little bit my client can’t find the server. I log into my PLEX through the web interface same issue cant find the server. I log into the WD PR2100 with no problem. When try to launch PLEX nothing happens.

Wrong subforum. The current subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud which is different than the PR Series. See the dedicated PR Series subforum.



I would advise posting the issue onto plex forum into Western Digital subsection (http://forums.plex.tv). While plex support on forums is a little spotty, I can guarantee that you will get NO official support here. Please be sure to attach logs to your report, you will get a much higher changce of someone actually attending to your problem.