WD PR 4100 - Can t find Raid after Device Replacement - Chances to Recover?

Hello Guys,
short Background might be useful for best advice:

  1. WD DL 4100 crashed with known Intel Chipset Issue
  2. Replaced to PR 4100
  3. Raid migration from DR4100 to PR4100 first run success
  4. Immediately updating Backup Jobs to EX 4100 with GoodSync
  5. Before having the time for manual check if all data is updated in the backup
  6. Raid Degraded on Drive 3
  7. Drive Auto Migration activates full Raid in 5 minutes
  8. Some more hours later raid got degraded as again
  9. Replacing Drive 3 with a brand-new drive and migration didn’t work
  10. Another Replacement of PR 4100 tooks place -
  11. Before I send back the Device the raid still works
    and the drives have passed the self test - os my guess all drive healthy
  13. Checking WD RED PLUS DRIVE (the new one) on all slots a I DRIVE My cloud
  14. This way I was able to check drives+ Slots + getting in Dashboard
  15. Result in Dashboard all drive HEALTHY but ZERO RAID BUILD FOUND
    Any chances for a successful Recovery and how???

Stay safe

PS: Original RAID 12 TB

Hi @videomaker,

Please refer to the article how to perform a Manual RAID Rebuild on a Western Digital My Cloud Network Attached Storage Device:

If further assistance is needed, please open a case with our support team at the following:

Hello @Keerti_01,
the case is not how to create a raid from zero!!!
The case is how to get the original RAID BACK WORKING -as it did before the device comes back from RMA.

Hello Keerti, could you please read back - I don’t like to overwrite my hopefully still existing raid -I like to find a way to get my original raid back running


Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hello Keerti, for sure I have opened a support ticket first. The very first one 1.5 years back fighting for a replacement. Asking multiple time to be connected to real Western Digital Engineer outside all the call centers. Yes, the call center guys are doing all their very best whats given to them sometime even personal experience, but they are not qualified for really complicated cases - as this issue show clearly.
Might raid and my drives are in good standing, able to migrate all my data from DL 4100 to PR 4100.
After that the raid was working for 36 our or so before degraded trough issues on DRIVE 3.
First time Drive 3 could be migrated back in 6 minutes only. That’s my first proof that the drive wasnt the issue. The Second Time when its got degraded an after hours of talking to support at different levels the ask me to buy a new WD RED drive. The Raid was still available and working even after few restarts. The new drive wasn’t able to replace the so called damaged drive on slot 3. Same match issues. So after days of wasting and calling another Replacement, this time same PR4100. That’s the second proof that the issue wasn’t with my drives. Before sending back PR4100 for Replacement, RAID WAS STILL WORKING with 3 drives full access. New PR 4100 arrives directly turned on chat an and started with them the PR 4100. ZERO raid to found and as very first time all my original drives healthy after I personally have figured out how to get into the dashboard WITHOUT OVERWRITING anything!. Since that I have talked to dozens of agents and supervisor asking them to help me out with a solution or get a call back from a higher level of support. You got the Nightmare, it’s a shame for WD that users have to ask users for help. As it looks like you work at WD how can I get real support - I have read that there are ways to fix the tables or something like that so that the raid will show up and be readable again. Thanks stay safe