WD Portable Hard Drive unable to access


My WD portable hard drive (1 TB) did not auto open when i plug it to my computer. Normally, It will auto run and open the hard drive folder.  However, the hard drive was detected under Devices and Drives as Local Disk ( G : ) so i try double click it to open it but it become not responding.

After waiting for a very long time, a window pop out saying that the location is not available : G:\ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect. The hard drive was still working fine before i go for my one week holiday. When im back. i try to access my hard drive but to no avail.


Please help me and thank in advance.


Welcome to the Community. Try using another USB cable to connect the Passport, you can also run a DLG test. Check the link below for the steps. 

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

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Hi jubei04,

Another USB cable:

I try using another usb cable but it still the same.I guess is not the problem with the cable.

DLG test:

With the hard drive plug in, after run as administrator and accept the license agreement to continue, the main program screen come up but only detect my two internal hard drive. Under the Logical Drive, it show the G:\ which is my portable hard drive.


So what should i do now ?



After a few days later,  i got check the diskmgmt and i got this:


Anyone can help me ?


After a few days later, I try the data lifeguard diagnostics for windows and surprisely, my hard disk show up under my physical drive and manage to do a test on it. The result i got was:

May i know when will i get any help or reply ?