WD - PLEASE! Stop my drive from Scanning! PLEASE

My drive is USELESS!!!

Every time I copy or read data it starts SCANNING!!!

Please fix or I will get my money back!!!

Have you checked in Twonky and changed those settings? See image below.


You can disable the content scanning that happens on top of the media server scanning, but this will disable mobile apps like WDPhotos (WDMyCloud will still work, I believe).

Check out the end of this great post:


Try switching Media serving off for each share. 

This of coures this mean you won’t be using media serving. 

I only use the my cloud as a backup.

Yes I have, set it to “0”. Still, everytime I copy new data onto the drive, it starts scanning.

I will take the drive back today and get my money back.

Never will I buy WD again and neither will the Uni I’m administrator of.

Switching things off is not a solution as I’m not getting the full experience the manufacturer wants me to have. 

The drive will go back for a refund today. Useless **bleep**!

This is the reason I’m returning mine too. I made the mistake of getting this for two other family members, all which I am advising to return it. No where do we need a hard drive that scans just so backups can be made or simple files stored. A scanner should be scanner, a hard drive a hard drive. If it truly was a cloud, a place you store stuff that you will most likely never see again, then why scan it?

cat0w wrote:

Have you checked in Twonky and changed those settings? See image below.




Disabling Twonky scanning does not help.  I’ve been working with support on this same issue.  As another user mentioned there is a way to disable the WD media database scanning software all together - but this is not a supported procedure and it will void your warranty.  So far WD support has not given me an answer on how to disable the scanning software without voiding the warranty.  I’ve done 4 support calls and I’ve personally spent 40-50 hours on this issue and others.  Still waiting for a final word from WD support but I’m not holding my breath.

BTW … disabling media serving globally or for specific shares does not help either.  The software that scans and does thumbnail conversions runs independently of Twonky or iTunes server.  Any time you do a file copy/move/delete/rename it goes to work.  If you copy or even delete a large number of files/directories it will run for a long time and render your WD nearly useless.  CPU activity is part of the problem but I believe Disk I/O is more of a problem when the scanning is active.