WD please provide Plex server updates to My Cloud Home devices ASAP

  1. Plex server on My Cloud Home was last updated on Feb 2020 (over an year ago) since then a whole lot of the security vulnerabilities have been fixed.

  2. Now Plex has announced that this version will be on end of support, and its clients can no longer stream from this version of server. This has already started on Plex for Android, now you cannot stream anything via any Android device from this version of Plex server.

  3. Plex Inc cannot provide an update to My Cloud Home, it is on WD’s side to provide it. If an update is not provided ASAP, this will turn out to be a blunder by WD

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The only reason i bought the my cloud home duo was because of the ability to use it as a PMS, when can we expect this to be done? otherwise the NAS is completely useless


I’m also facing a similar problem. The main reason for buying this product is the Plex server ability. It stopped streaming on all Android devices. Would you please update the version to the latest? Or share the details on when this would be updated?

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nice to see that we get no reply from WD

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Yo si ha final de año no han resuelto el tema de la actualización, le sacaré el disco duro y el resto lo tiraré a la basura, y por supuesto no volveré a comprar nada de western digital.

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Even if we get replies they are mostly useless and off topic.
WD has outsourced this work to those people who have got no idea of our problem.

This device is useless, I will buy synology NAS and will reuse these hard drives if no solution provided
I should have bought it already and people who are buying a new NAS should never see to this device

I am having this same issue and have been searching the Plex forums for support. I am by far any sort of techie but one comment I found led me to believe the issue was with the WD MyCloud. This is the only reason I bought this thing and now it seems in less than a year its useless? No response from WD?

I just called and spoke with WD technical support and of course they say to contact Plex, it is not on their end.