WD Please give us a way to turn off the bloat

Please, please, please. Just give us a way to turn off all ‘features’ except the file access. I mean the dumb circle thing on the home screen, the scanning and categorizing of files by type and anything else going on in the background that is to blame for all the slowness. Apparently, calculating all those different file catagories is performed at the moment I log in, judging by how long it takes to see the page finally load.

Right now, I am trying to delete a very large share’s files (GBs of data) and it’s taking forever! The web interface is bogged down, everything about the unit is hosed as it pokes along deleting files and (presumably) doing some kind of reindexing at the same time.

Numerous suggestions and ideas have been bandied about on this forum as to ways to turn off the bloat. It seems the ability to do so is limited and even temporary in many cases, being turned back on after a reboot.

This is nuts. And frustrating.

Simply switch off the Cloud Connection is Settings / General.

This deactives the helper daemons, free a lot of CPU load especially on the EX4 and stops the “bloat stuff” in the ring.

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OK, trying to do that but it’s given me an ominous warning “Please wait while your settings are updated. Do NOT refresh this page or turn off your unit while this is in process.” which has sat there for at least 15 minutes now. Miraculously, my file delete finished almost instantly so I guess the bloat is off now. I guess I’ll let the warning alone and see if it eventually goes away. No idea what I might screw up if I don’t.

Uh oh, now I remember why I had that turned on. The EX4 is on a different subnet (192.168.2.x vs 192.168.1.x where I am) and so I cannot access the admin web interface anymore.

I guess I will have to live with that, I have the shares and users defined so only the ssh/ftp file access really matters at the moment.