Wd+playon= loss of network

just got playon and hulu and just prior to that setup a new network (DIR 655) using that router to connect the WD to my PC via WIRED connection. The network wroks fine for streaming movies from my PC (MKV and other files up to 1080p) but with media shares and playon it keeps dropping the connection after 10-15 minutes. I contacted Playon support and they had me test  my system: The Playon works fine in a winodw on my PC while streaming to the WD; but when the WD drops the connection, the playon window on my PC keep running fine. So I definately know it is related to WD and my media shares and doubtfully playon.

As a saide note:

I do notice that when I first select the WD, like when I switch from watching TV to the WD, the media shares is not immeiately available but the network shares is. After aabou 45 seconds, I can access the media shares. It’s a similar delay that I ahve with the netwrok shares if I turn off the WD completely, but this happens with medias shares even if I leave the wd player on. (I hope this makes sense)

I search here but couldn;t find much on this.


Playon version

wd version1.04.31_V

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

thanks for the advice. I will probably do that.