WD Player is rebooting Windows 10

This seems like a “recent” problem and I have the latest Firmware, 1.03.07.

It happens when I start watching movies, all of a sudden, the image freezes and, sure enough, my PC is restarting.

I use Windows 10’s own DLNA server.

Tried turning Media sharing on a off to no vail, even changing the name of the library.

Also, for some reason, the unit no longer recognize any Seagate portable hard drive I plug into the USB port?
This used to work perfect.

All in all, really disappointed. Looking for a WD Player replacement… But the problem might come from my PC too?
Looking at an alternative DLNA Server for Windows.

Hi there,

This is strange, i highly doubt that the WDTV is causing this, has any setting been charged lately regarding DLNA ? Can you try playing media from different computer to the WDTV to see if the same happens?