WD Player Deleting More Files Than I have Selected

HI I have used various WD players with great success but recently when I watch a video file on a USB stick through the WD Player and then choose to delete it - the player is deleting maybe 10 other video files approx. in the same folder. But if I then plug the USB stick into my PC the files are still there - not deleted.

If I then turn off the player overnight and plug the USB stick back in the files are back again - whats up with it ?

Thanks in advance for any help

i have never encountered that issue

but the solution is easy, use your PC to delete the files


That’s not the solution. The player is meant to delete files after watching them, that’s why I use WD players. Why is it doing it? This is a brand new WD media player - 4 weeks old. I’ve never had this issue previously.

Anyone else having a problem like this or have any answers?


Well, the only options you have are …

  1. Do a Factory Reset …Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default

  2. Create a RMA and return it WD under Warranty (and be without it for a couple of months)

  3. Use your PC to delete the files and use your WDTV to Watch Media

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