WD PiDrive Square 6”x6” Enclosure: How to add magnets to your enclosure


Please watch the following videos by our WDLabs team on how to properly apply the magnets to your WD PiDrive Square 6”x6” enclosure.

Step 1 - Washer to base
Step 2 - Magnet to base
Step 3 - Washer to cover



WD PiDrive Enclosure - Square (6" x 6")


Hi WD Community Staff,

Please delete if deemed inappropriate. I was just wondering if you could advise me or assist. I have just bought this Pidrive enclosure and it is missing one of the magnets, there is two in the packet instead of three. I do not want to go to the trouble of sending the entire Pidrive enclosure back as RMA for one missing part. Please can you advise on what I should do?

I have phoned up the Customer Service department and they have advised me to create an online RMA and send it back which is not really ideal.

Many Thanks