WD PiDrive Foundation Edition Bugged

Is anyone else having issues when trying to un-archive this download?
I get errors with all the Root files that the system attempts to un-compress.
The install starts fine however crashes half way though.

Any ideas?

Hi, sorry you can’t get it running. I just double-checked it again (download, unzip to SDcard, install) and it worked (on both PC and Mac).

Just to double-check, below is detailed info on download and installation (FYI and for other readers):

Download page for PiDrive_Foundation_Edition.zip: http://wdlabs.wd.com/downloads/

Instructions for SD card preparation (total size of files is 2.13GB):
Download the zip file to your computer
Format the SD card using SDFormatter app (with full overwrite and format size adjustment on). Note: this will permanently erase all data on the SD card.
Extract the zip file to the root directory of the freshly formatted SD card. 7-zip is recommended. If downloaded via Mac/OSX, it will download and unzip the files into a folder “PiDrive_Foundation_Edition”. Drag ‘n’ drop these files into the root directory of the target SDcard (do not copy the folder, just the files).

Set-up with PiDrive and R-Pi:
Insert the SD card into your Raspberry Pi-3/Pi-2/PiZero and power it up with the WD PiDrive connected and internet DISCONNECTED (this is to ensure software compatibility).
Select “sda…” as the device to install to.
Change region as required (dialog box at bottom of screen).
Click “Install” button at top of menu.
Note: your PiDrive will be reformatted upon installation of the OSes and all existing data will be lost.

If the above doesn’t work, it would help to know some things about your set-up to further debug:
R-Pi version (i.e. Pi-2, Pi-3, Pi Zero)
USB drive type
What type of USB cable between drive and Pi (e.g. USB2, USB3, PiDrive cable, length of cable)
What type of USB cable between 5V adapter and setup (length, quality, etc.)
What type of 5V adapter (current rating, mfg, etc.)
What other USB peripherals are attached?
Is ethernet attached?
What items are you selecting to install (e.g. all items, Raspbian and some Project Spaces, etc.)?

Most of the questions above relate to system powering. You stated that the install starts fine but crashes half way through. It’s possible you’re encountering a brown-out situation.