WD PI driver a Raspberry boot driver


One of the main problem of the Raspberry Pi is the SD card, which is rapidly corrupted after excessive write cycles, or spurious power down/up.
There are some techniques to limit the Raspberry SD card activity just at the boot time, moving all the data to an USB drive.
As far as I understand the WD Pi drive Foundation do not have this approach, but just complement the Raspberry storage with extra disk space.
Is there a reason why the WD configuration is not limiting the SD activity to only boot the Raspberry.

Thanks in advance

Hi Robert, the PiDrive Foundation Edition combines the included microSD card and the USB drive to do exactly what you describe. The SDcard is used for Pi boot-up and subsequent operations are moved to the USB drive (root directory on the USB drive). This aligns the system roles of the SDcard and USB drive with their technology strengths, as you’ve suggested. The SDcard also does the initial software installation via a customized version of the R-Pi Foundation’s NOOBS OS installer. This is an exclusive version that installs the OSes onto the USB drive (versus the standard NOOBS version that installs the OSes on the SDcard).

The Foundation Edition also features Project Spaces, which provides the option to create multiple partitions on the drive, each with Raspbian Lite installed (minimal, core version of Raspbian). Each Project Space acts like an independent Pi set-up enabling independent configuration and creation of projects via command-line programming.

Thanks for your interest- I hope this helps!

Wonderful, I had a look at the technical description and it was not obvious for me that the software was design to get rid of the SD issues. May be this should be highlighted.

Thanks for your reply