WD Pi Drive foundation very slow Initialisation time


I have just received my 256GBytes WD Pi Drive.

I did start the installation, Raspian file extraction is now started at a rate of 0,2Mbytes/sec. Rough estimated time for 2851 MBytes is +/- 4 hours !!!
Is this normal?



No, the installation time should be much faster than that (e.g. for Raspbian PIXEL only it should be a few minutes loaded from the included Foundation Edition microSD card). Make sure to disconnect from your network (disconnect Ethernet cable and do not set up WiFi) before installing OSes.

What model Pi are you using (i.e. Pi-3, Pi-2, Pi-Zero)?

What OS menu items did you select to install?



Well things are getting worst and worst.

1st time I did start the initialisation with Raspian & Data partition, rate was 0,2 MBytes/sec and after 300MBytes I had an IO Error
2nd time I start it with Raspian & Project space 1, rate was 0,6MBytes/sec and it hangs after 113 Mbps (31%). LED blue on disk flashing then steady for a while then flashing again, etc.
3rd time again Raspian and project space 1, after few minutes I had a message unable to access disk
4th time Raspian & project 2 hangs after 3MBytes

I am using a Raspberry Pi 2

Should I try to initialise the disk from a PC (I mean MAC OSX)?

OK so I did some progress:
Initialisation issue is due to my power supply ( I used a Apple USB power of 2 Amps) but this one looks not OK when screen, keyboard, mouse and disk are connected.
Using my Raspberry power I have an initialisation rate go 8Mbps

Now I don’t understand the configuration options.
What is the difference between:

  • Only Raspian
  • Only a Project
  • Raspian + a Project

I did read the doc several times, still I don’t know what to do?


wow, I’ ve got it …
Selecting multiple options, gives later (after the initialisation is finalised) a menu to select one boot environment …
WD Pi Drive Installation for dummies would be appreciated :grinning:

Hi Robert- glad you’re making progress! Providing sufficient power to the system is one of our top focal areas working with the Pi (and other Single Board Computers). We recommend a 3A adapter for Pi-3 with PiDrive, plus using the included PiDrive cable and using a good-quality, short, USB power cable between the 5V adapter and the PiDrive cable.

We’re planning to create a series of short videos demonstrating the PiDrive and Project Spaces and will hopefully start releasing these in January. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of good information on the NOOBS OS installer on the raspberrypi.org site. Foundation Edition is based on NOOBS, the primary differences being that Foundation Edition installs OSes onto the USB drive instead of on the SD card and Foundation Edition has Project Spaces, which are multiple instances of partitions with Raspbian Lite installed- to support multiple programming projects using command-line programming.