WD Photos- where are the rest of my pictures?

I have WD Photos installed on several IOS devices linked to my WD Live 2TB network drive.  Great app and it is working on all the devices except there is one critical problem- it only displays about 8,000 of my 50,000 .jpg photos.  It is my entire photo collection (around 100GB in about 1500 folders).  Most of the folders just don’t appear in WD Photos (folder view or album view or thumbnail view) . I can access EVERYTHING in the WD2Go app, but of course there aren’t any thumbnails so it isn’t that useful for viewing the photo collection.  All the folders are in the “shared photos” directory of my HD.  As per other posts on this site, I have “rebuilt” the drive in the WD web utility and come up with exact same 7,969 pictures after about 24 hours of processing.  

Is there a data limit on this app/technology?  I read only that it would only work with up to 5,000 folders.  I am well within that range.  I am limited to the same 8,000 pictures on every IOS device (ipad, 2 iphones and an ipod) so it isn’t specific to my device.  Any reason why I can’t use this app to view ALL the folders and pictures in that shared pictures folder???   Thank you!

If there’s a limit, it’s higher than ~8,000 –  I have 23,000+ photos and they’re all showing up…

BTW, out of curiousity, how are you tabulating that total?   I’m adding up all the folder subtotals, but I haven’t seen a way to get a complete total in one place…

I’m using a My Book Live Duo, but I doubt there’s a substantial difference between the MBL and the MBLD.

Glad to hear it is at least possible- I’ll keep looking for a solution then.  Did you ever have trouble setting it up with that many pics?  I basically enabled remote access and loaded the app and just can’t get them all to appear.  Same selection of pics shows up even after I “rebuild”…very strange.  

The total was easier to grab because I only have 6 main folders in the “shared folders” directory.  Everything else is subfolders below that.  Makes me wonder- maybe I should move them up one folder level so they aren’t so buried.  Worth a try anyway.

From my recollection, it took at least 2 days for the MBL to finish up with the addition – and it’d be the same amount of time after you do a rebuild.

And I do recall that it would occasionally update every few minutes with a few dozen photos – but sometimes it would appear to be doing nothing and then hundreds (if not thousands) would appear all at once.

So it might be that you’re just not waiting it out long enough.

You can log in via SSH and look at the process list; that will give you a hint if it’s still indexing & thumbnailing stuff in the background…

Ahhh- I don’t think I know what you mean by “log in via SSH”  That would yield some helpful information on this I’m sure.  Can you enlighten me?