Wd photos user guide

Is there a WD Photos User Guide?

No user guide. Is there a specific area that you need help?

There is a Help Me Get Started button on the main page which helps with connecting your device to your app. This has been found to be the most challenging part.

The other part we have found to be a bit tricky is knowing the difference between ‘Folder’, ‘Album’, ‘Image’ view. It’s the three icons that look like a folder, album and matrix in the main view of your photos.  Folder view shows folders within Shared Pictures just as you had placed them (maintaining hierarchy). Album view flattens the view by showing only folders that have photos within them. So you see only folder with photos at the top level and are one tap away from your photos. Image view shows thumbnails of all photos on your NAS. (I personally go to this mode and tap slide show play button to cache all my photos locally).

Let me know if there’s any specific you want to know about.