WD Photos- stops downloading when switching apps or screen locks

I have a My Cloud 4TB and use WD Photos on my iPhone 6 to back up photos and videos.
(1) the backups are much slower to the WD My Cloud than the same backups to my online backup service (iDrive) for the same photos and videos. I don’t understand that since the MyCloud is at home on the same network as my phone being backed up and the iDrive backup service is over the Internet

(2) whenever I start a backup of photos and videos from my iPhone, the backup pauses when my phone screen locks (our company policies lock the phone after about a minute of no use) which makes it difficult to back up more than one file at a time since they back up very slow. Why can’t the app complete the backup even when the phone is locked or when I open another app while the backup is still running?

Please let me know if anyone has any advice. Thanks.

Hi there,

Regarding your first question, About how long does it take to make the backup on each, perhaps both use different protocols and on the mycloud software this causes it to take longer.

Regarding the second question, as far as i know this is how the software work since when the phone is locked it does not allow the app to keep working on the background.

First I try to find here solution for this problem, regarding the second question. After I read this post I tried to google it for solution for my Mi phone, and I found that MIUI can control background running apps. After I changed to autostart and lock it in Recent it continue to upload after phone Is locked.