WD Photos - Select where to upload an auto-uploaded Photo

I’d like the ability to be able to choose the folder that my Android-based phone will auto-upload to. Actually, it would be perfect if I could upload to the person who registered the device to. 

I wanted to use my MyCloud for my family and have it backup our mobile phone photos but to their respective user locations.

I am also hoping one day soon that I can add the WD Photos app to my Wife’s phone and have it AUTO upload her images to her location on the MyCloud. But I’ve seen that suggested numerous times already.


You have my vote on this one, already spent one night looking for a way to overcome this issue.

I completely agree… This is the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE.

My vote for this idea / need

You have a million votes from me! I belive this is a must have feature! You should be able to choose where to auto upload your pictures and videos, public folder or not

Great idea!


Agreed. Very necessary

yes please!!!

Agree… the sooner the better…