WD Photos Remote Access question


Do I have to enable Cloud Access (Settings->General->Cloud Access->Remote Access->ON) to access my photos with iOS My Photos over Local Network but not over Internet?

I’ve tried Internet access with WDMyCloud.com. I have signed up in dashboard and created WDMycloud.com account, but something happened and now my email dissapeared in dashboard (Cloud Access->user->WDMyCloud.com Login for user-> “user does not have a WDMyCloud.com login. Enter an email address to sign up for a login”). But I still have access to my photos over Internet using my iPhone over Internet (over LTE, not being in local network). How can I permanently disable Internet Remote Access? I want to have access to My Cloud only in my local network by means of iOS WD Photos.


Hello there,

Yes, remote access need’s to be enable in order for you to use the WD Photo app.

negative… I still have access to my photos with WD Photos app when Remote Access is OFF and I am in local network…