WD Photos on iOS devices major flaws

Three major issues for me. Please if anyone knows how to correct these please let me know.

  1. Photos are renamed in a format that makes no sense to the user. Photos and miss ordered in your finder and redacted to the upload date.
    Dropbox photo uploads works much better and renames each photo to the date and time the photo was taken so they are easy to find and in order.
  2. No auto background upload for iOS. Again Dropbox has addressed the issue and their system works very well.
  3. Photos only upload to public folders. Ever user on your cloud has access to your photos.
    The upload folder should have sharing options as many photos that are taking our private.

The main issue is the renaming of the photos. It makes uploading through My Cloud and WD Photos apps useless.
I use dropbox to upload my photos so they are properly titled and organized. Then I move them onto my cloud/nas when I have time at home.
WD feedback would be appreciated.

I agree! When using the WD Photo app, each user should be able to upload to their own folder. BIG FLAW


Also, where is the SELECT ALL feature when uploading from the Mobile App? I have to click a billion times to upload all of my photos to free-up storage on my iDevice? Can someone patch these items ASAP?!?!

They do have a upload all feature in WD Photos app only. Not in My Cloud app.
Here is how to locate is.
Open WD Photos, select “Connect Now” then to the right of the drive name hit the upload button, choose from library, then select album or camera roll. On the bottom left you should see “select all”.
This feature does work and it seems to be smart enough not to double upload photos. It does precession them all but then you check the drive later you will see it only added the new photos.

This works but it is still tedious and the upload takes a long time for large accounts.
Dropbox used a background auto upload that is great. WD really needs to use their lead on this one.
Hope this helps.

Sorry for my typos. I’m using my phone and didn’t proof read. Oops.