WD Photos "No Photos Found" using WD Photo app on Android

Hi all,

Im having the error message as shown above.

When I first set up the Personal cloud device today, I renamed the “Shared Pictures” folder to “Pictures”.  After some messing around I then created a new folder called “Shared Pictures” and deleted the “Pictures” folder.  I have to say I didnt really read the WD Photos instructions as I would have assumed that the software would be intelligent enough to detect the folders sharing the photos irrespective of name.  However, I now find that I am unable to find any photos using the WD Photo software. 

How can I resolve this?  Am I looking at a factory reset of the cloud device?  Id rather avoid this if possible as I have transfered 200GB of data onto it already and don’t want to have to do it all again if possible.

I have reset the cloud device, uninstalled and reinstalled the software on my android device and reset “remote access”

Thanks in advance,


Hi all,

I have rebuilt the server database in the advanced settings and this seems to have solved the problem.