WD Photos - No longer supported?

This app on my iphone and ipad stopped updating months ago.  I have deleted and set up again multiple times and it only downloads about 2500 photos in a single folder and then no more.  Its the same everytime.  I also clear the cach and set to 5 gig.  When I deleted because of the initial problem there were over 30,000 photos.  If this app is no longer supported I will delete.   WD2GO continues to work, but is terrible to view photos because ot only gives you file names … no preview.  It would be the perfect app if they combined what WD photos used to be with WD2GO.  Anyone else having issues?

Hi there, welcome to the community.

The development team don’t share the roadmap of update for the applications. You can always keep update by going into the  News & Announcements board.