WD Photos is not connected to the internet (-1009) (cont'd)

I know this is archived and has been discussed previously - but I wonder with WD updates and iOS 6 if the problems I am experiencing have a simple solution?

I get disconnected (seems like a time out) when uploading photo files from my iPhone and also get the ‘WD Photos is not connected to the internet (-1009)’  message.

What is the simple solution to this?

And how do I stop the file number of the photo showingn as it loads? I just want the picture without the ‘distortion’ of the file number blanking out the bottom of the image as it loads.

Check this thread


some users had to put the Hub on DMZ while others turned off and on remote access

Last night it worked perfectly. Earlier I had restarted my router having done the DMZ insert.

This morning another time out.

Where is the On/Off remote function?