WD Photos does Not display all Folders

I also had the same problem of WD Photos not showing all my Photo folders and only recognizing about 50 more pictures each day. Solution . . . . Unplug the power cord of the drive, then plug it back in. The drive will reboot and after an hour it started installing about 800 pictures per hour. Alot faster than before. After five or six hours it may slow down again, however, I just unplug it again and it downloaded pictures to WD Photo faster again.

I also have a case # about this with WD.

I bought the duo 6tb yesterday and have put all my pics under the shared folder. There are about 50 different folders containing about 25K pictures. The WD photo is just showing a few folders and pictures.

I then created a new folder"master pics"  under shared pictures and moved all the 50 odd picture folders under this new folder. Now WD photo is not working at all. It shows me the same folders as earlier -  keeps updating and gives error saying picture not found. I have uninstalled and reinstalled WD photo as well - no luck as yet.

My assumption is/was that I will get to see one folder “master pics” and then can navigate to different sub-folders.

The WD 2go pro is working fine though.

Oh well…

Since you’ve moved the files while it was transcoding, you have to wait for the transcoder to complete its previous tasks before it will start transcoding the “new” (moved) files.

You can circumvent the wait time by going into the My Book Live’s dashboard > Settings > Remote Access > Advanced, and press the “Rebuild” button. This will wipe out all of the transcoded entries as well as the transcoding queue and start from the beginning.

After taking out what I thought were corrupted jpgs and doing a rebuild, purging cache on the iphone & ipads, there are then folders that appear to have problems that didn’t have problems previously. Folders that show 0 photos when they were fine before and had 30 photos in them.

I’ve repeated the rebuild and cache clearing steps several times and after each time a different folder decides not to show photos that was fine in the previous rebuild. Those folders that decide not to show photos had not been disturbed, nothing added, moved or deleted. 

I have 16 folders, 100 files in three of them and about 10 to 30 in the rest. Most photos are in the 500KB range but a few are up to 2MB but nothing larger than that. I’ve left it alone for two days, many of the folders reappear within two hours but then a folder with 0 photos shows up and then there is no new activity, no more photos populating the file, for the next 46 hours.

The promise of what this product has been able to deliver is far outweighed by the attention that needs to be devoted to building the files to perform within it’s limited perameters. If files need to be changed, added or removed, each action requires remembering the protocol and following it specifically.  This removes the convenience factor entirely.