WD Photos Auto-upload for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

I would like to see the auto-upload feature come to the iPhone. I know it can be done because a few other apps do it. (Dropbox, Google+, Carbonite, etc.)


Agree, I would like to have that option.

agree - I’ve been searching for an answer on this and Wd does not seem to reply

Yeah, each time “route the phone” is not the only solution…

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Yes, great idea. Also, if it could do it without compressing the photos and video. This is one of the main reason I do not use Dropbox for this task and I bought a WD NAS. 

Thanks. Just useful.

Yes. If its not too much to ask.

I love this feature on my android device. You have no option but to manually upload the files on Apple devices, however, the app decides to rename the files to a name that is of no use to the user. I go through the lengthy process of downloading my images to my PC and then syncing with my MyBookLive.


This is a “must have”.

From a user experience perspective it is really nice and it is possible as other apps are doing the same.