WD Photos app

Ok, after purchasing my new ‘my book live’ network drive i have just downloaded the WD photos app only to discover that it will only display photos that are in the shared folder. Is there any way for the app to show photos in my private folder??

If not will this be in a future update of the app?? I am pretty sure other users would like this feature also.

Not at this moment dude

think it has already been suggested but you can go to the ideas section and submit the idea just in case

Thanks for the reply, I will indeed add it to the suggestions as I am sure others would benifit if this was implemented.

Well I see an updated app has been released and still no access to private shares. Not a good move, reading the reviews on the app store I can see that others also want the ability to access photos that are stored in private shares. Perhaps this feature will be an a future update soon?

Can one of the app developers please confirm if this will be fixed anytime soon? Thanks