WD Photos App Problems - Photo will not open

I have recently purchased & set up a 3TB MyCloud NAS drive and transferred media onto it including my photos. It works great and I have also installed the apps MyCloud  and WD Photos onto my iPhone. 

I am having problems with the WD Photos app in that I can view the folders stored on the NAS drive in the app ok and I can see thumbnails of the photos fine but when I click on a photo to open it up all i get is a black screen with a ‘loading’ circle spinning round then nothing happens. This happens no matter which photo I try to open.

Anyone know how to resolve this?

Welcome to the Community.

Do you also experience this behavior when using the WD My Cloud app as opposed to WD Photos? If so, do you encounter this issue while on your local network, or does it happen remotely?

Hello and thanks for your response.

No i do not experience this problem when using the WD Mycloud app, this problem only occurs using the WD Photos app. I experience this problem both when on the local network and when not using the local network.

please read this - it looks as similar issue - please restart drive and please wait several hours … on Wd Photos mobile apps please remember to clear cache as described