WD Photos App only shows some directories and 3 photos

Issue: WD Photos app on an iPhone 4 that’s successfully connected to my WD TV LIVE HUB. The app only displays 3 directories: Movies (0 images), Music(2 images) and iphone (3 images). The images in the iphone directory were uploaded via the WD Photos app but only 3 will appear. There are 5 din the directory on the WD TV LIVE HUB.

To recap:

  • WD Photos app is connected to a working WD TV LIVE HUB
  • images can successfully be set to the WD TV LIVE HUB via the WD Photos app.
  • uploaded images WILL NOT display beyond the 3 images discovered by WD Photos app during setup.
  • only a TOTAL of 3 directories and 5 images are found by the WD Photos app.

More info

  • I have tried clearing the cache on the WD Photos app to re-initialize the ‘first time setup’ response
  • I have increased the cache size to 5 GB
  • I have removed the connections from the WD TV LIVE HUB and the WD Photos app to have them reestablish.
  • the OS version of my iphone 4 is 5.1.1
  • the firmware version of the WD TV Live Hub is 3.05.10

Check the link below, this is for the external hard drives, but the same thing should apply for the live hub.