WD-Photo's Android app

For some reason I can’t start a new topic on the app forum so I’m posting here.

Having couple issues with the WD-Photo’s app.

First on my phone. For some reason my photo’s are being saved to a new account folder. My original account folder was linked to my gmail email. For example if my gmail email was example@gmail.com, it was saving all my photo’s to the folder named “example” and then was making monthly directories to put my photo’s and videos in. Well for some reason this week it has changed the name to another email account I use and saving photo’s in that folder. How does the app pick which account to use because I have both accounts on my phone and want it to keep using the original account.

Second on my wife’s phone. She has a Galaxy S6. She has issues with the app running in the background to upload when she takes pictures. It’s set to wifi upload only and she has wifi on. The issue is it only uploads if the WD-Photo’s app is open. She doesn’t have any task killer installed so it should be able to run in the background. I checked it and it does indeed run in the background but it will only upload when the app is open.

Third again with my wife’s phone. She uploads doubles of basically every photo. Like for example if the photo was named “example_1_1_10.jpg” it will upload that then it will also upload an exact copy named “example_1_1_10-1.jpg”. I’m finding I have to go in and delete the duplicate whenever she uploads.

Fixed #1 by deleting that account. It was listed as a Google account along with my original account. It looks like the app takes the top account but it was listed first. After deleting that account off the phone, it now uploads to my original named folder.

Hi there,

I’m glad to see you fixed the first issue, regarding the other two i have an iPhone so i have not tried this since i don’t have an android device at the moment, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

Still looking for a fix for the second and third issue.

Well I just upgraded my phone to the Samsung Galaxy S7. Now my phone is doing what my wife’s phone is doing for the second problem I have listed. My photo’s won’t upload unless I open the app, clear the cache, close the app then reopen the app. Then it starts to upload.

If I take more pictures later on I have to do the same thing to get them to upload.

Also a side note, I can’t view any picture inside WD Photos app. It says “Invalid Request”. If I hit the HQ button then I can view them.

Anyone else having this same issue?