WD Photos and My Cloud apps sync only to Public folder

After switching to a new cell phone (Galaxy s7 edge), in applications My Cloud and WD Photos, the data is synchronized in the Public folder and it can not be changed.
At my old device (HTC M9) I did not have that problem. I could specify a folder on the WD device in which I want my synced data.
Please Help. This is a big problem, because in this way synchronization / backup does not make any sense.


As far as I can tell, the WD Photos does not allow you to change the destination of the files.

Have you tried contacting WD support for direct assistance on this case?

WD contact info:

Just setup backup of photos from my Galaxy S7 Edge to My Cloud and it allowed me to create a full path (new folder) in Public.

I have done so on iPhone as well, but I don’t believe that MC app let me create the folder from within app. What I did was make a new folder on NAS called New Uploads in Public/Shared Pictures, and when I want to upload new photos and videos, I select in MC app this existing New Uploads folder as the destination. Works great.

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