WD Photos alternative app

Hi all,

Does anyone know any alternative to WD photos? NOT the “My Cloud” app which is something less than ok for viewing photos.

PS. If WD is trying to promote themselves as alternative for photo cloud storage (such as Google Photos) they should built an app that worth the money such as Mylio


I’m moving everything from Nas to a pi with 2 USB hard drive, with BTRFS mirroring on official Ubuntu 20.04 image. Pi 4B with 8G Performance is much greater than a Nas at a fraction of cost! Syncthing (reliable open source sync works on pc, Mac, Android, ios, linux), Navidrome (audio with mobile app freely available) , liteblue (great video/photo server, free on Android). Not just for cost, but also for skills you gain in the process.

Can I mod it with a modifier tool for free…?