WD Photo vs WD My Cloud - Mobile Apps

Hi all,

I remember the WD My Cloud app used to be used for browsing your cloud contents only, I’ve just noticed that their latest updates also accommodates auto-sync/back up, does that mean WD My Cloud is replacing WD Photo? Or do they still do different things? Is it worth getting one over the other? Or do they work together for the greater good of the WD community? :slight_smile:


I believe that WD is trying to have 1 app to handle the WD My Cloud line up, I’ve been using WD My Cloud app for over a year now, and I don’t see myself going back to WD Photos.

It seems that the MyCloud seems to sync better that MyPhotos.

However, I’m using the Android version of the MyCloud app and connecting to a MBL 1TB. When I go into photos on the app, it shows only lists and no thumbnails. There doesn’t seem to be any setting that I can alter so I can see thumbnails. Anyway of getting this to work in the app?