WD Photo Suggestions

I’m not sure if these suggestions have been mentioned before but here we go:

  1. Ability to choose which folders on your phone/tablet to be auto-backed up. As not everyone uses the default camera app and photos may be saved to a different file location.

  2. Ability to choose the destination directory on the backup storage device such as MyCloud. This would really help as we can then organise our photos in the way we want, e.g… screenshots doesn’t need to be mixed with my regular camera photos.

Thanks WD Software Team, you’re all doing a great job! :smiley:

Hi again, your post sound more like an idea for the ideas board. One user already posted a similar suggestion, you can click on the Kudos button to vote for it and also publish any of your own, these are taken into account for future updates. 

WD Photos - Select where to upload an auto-uploaded Photo


Thanks for that!