WD Photo retiring mobile app

Received an email…“retiring the WD Photos mobile application, effective May 9, 2017.” "Paid real good money for current storage…
what are my options?

“PRODUCTS IMPACTED My Cloud (Mirror Gen 1, EX2, EX4, EX2100, DL2100, EX4100 and DL4100), My Book Live, My Book Live Duo, My Net N900C and WD TV Live Hub”


The My Cloud mobile app can be used to view photo’s on your My Cloud or MBL device.
There is no need to replace the physical storage device.

why did we get an email stating the app was retiring… sorry SBrown but your answer is not clear why are we getting this email about the app retiring? does this mean we have to get a new app or will the old app still work. Please go into more detail

Thank you


If you’re a registered owner of one of the affected products, you received the EOL notification.

The WD Photo app should continue to work as is on your current mobile device.
We cannot guarantee if WD Photo app will work on future Android, iOS releases or newer devices.

I would use the MY Cloud app but it does not show the image thumbnails, so its about useless.

MyCloud app needs to mimic the photos app if you plan to take away the photos app. That is, placing files in monthly folders for easy sorting like the photos app does now. I think the MyCloud app just places them in one big folder.

I do not want to lose that functionality.


The My Cloud app does show thumbnails for .JPG images.


WD Photo app is only being removed from the app stores.
You can still use WD Photo on your phone if you do not delete it.

Not for the my book live model

As with any app on apples App Store, when they update iOS it could break any apps that are not updated.

That’s not a valid solution. Telling us the app is still working even though it’s not on the app store? Are you serious? What if I get a different phone? Then what?

The mycloud app needs the same functionality as the photos app. Or at least the options to turn it on. If you plan on removing the app I use to backup my photos and place them in monthly folders then you better have something comparable that does the same thing.

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Still waiting on an answer about the MyCloud app getting the same functions as the photos app.

Telling us to not delete it off the phone is not a solution. I can’t believe a WD employee would even say something like that. Photos app puts photos and videos in their own monthly folders on the NAS. This is what the MyCloud app should do once the photos app is gone.

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It is understandable that sometimes WD will need to retire an app to give way to a better replacement, but the replacement should NOT have less features than the original… That is taking a step backwards… Using the new MyCloud app for auto-backup doesn’t group backed-up photos into monthly folders, meaning accessing/searching/sorting/caching this folder in a year’s time (even in a few months’ time depending on usage) will be a major problem as that folder will become MASSIVE in size.

This issue really needs to be addressed. I hope more MyCloud app users will agree with me on this and put pressure on WD to improve the quality of their products.


Yes, WD Photos was already basic as it was. No videos listed and slow. Now we have to switch to an app with less features. Please add image and video previews and a gallery view to the app.

I totally agree with the views above.This issue really needs to be addressed. The My Cloud a[pp is much faster than it used to be but please add image and video previews and a gallery view to the My Cloud app if you are doing away with WD photos. The alternative to the withdrawn WD photos should definitely NOT have less features than the original. I sincerely hope our pleas are adhered to and acted upon.

Have to agree with others. First, I’m registered and a member and never got an email. As far back as two Android updates from last year, WD Photos app stated “designed for older Android version.” So, WD brew the app was out of date then. My Note 4 is dying and had to get a new phone. Now I discover, WD Photo no longer exists to download. I’ve used My Photo to review how I can view pics and it’s extremely convoluted. There is no ease of use the way WD Photos was. I agree with others, a huge step backwards, not what I expect from WD. Further, getting into my My Cloud EX2 when traveling is about 30% successful, even after a firmware update last year. Thus, I’m limited to getting limited successful access to my , and can no longer effectively look at photos, so why keep the EX2? I could set up a more successful viewing either through Box or create. my own website

And, as expected, logged into my EX2, when logging in: “remote access disabled.” Certainly something I’ve never disabled

Also, how do you prevent other users to delete files from the public folder. Wish they could only read/look at pictures and does not have the ability to delete in public folder with the new MyCloud app.