WD Photo not Synchronized


I have a MyBookLive 2TB and all was well working but now I’m facing a problem.

I uploaded 2 new directory of pictures from the mac but I’m not able to see them from the Iphone with WD photo, or better:

one, called “Scansione”  is not visible at all while the second, called “Treno” is visible but empty.

But with My Cloud app I see the directory and all the JPG files inside.

I tried to rename one directory (Treno to Trenino) but I still see the old name in WD photo and 0 files.

How can I force the syncronization?




WD photos will only access the “Shared Pictures” folder inside the “Public” share. Make sure you save this directories inside the “Shared Pictures” folder. 

You can also try the rescan button. Check page #114 of the My Book Live User’s Manual for more information:



I solved the problem by rebuilding the database.