WD Photo "No photos found" message

If you continue to get this message when accessing WD Photo from a mobile device after trying the reboot/rescan options, consider the following:

* are you able to access the drive and see folders, photos, and everything else fromyour mobil device using WD 2go?

if so,

  1. how many photos do you have on the MyBook (etc) drive?

  2. Digging deep into the FAQs gets you the info that transcoding a photo for streaming to a mobile device takes ~30 seconds per photo;

  3. Until an entire folder in the \public or <name.> share has been processed completely, that folder or content will not show on the mobile device

To test if this is your problem, copy 1 (only 1) photo directly into the \public folder, wait a few minutes, and then check for photos from your mobile device; if the photo you copied shows up, then this extremely slow processing is your problem, You will simply have to be patient. (Me, I have about 120,000 photos on this drive, and I expect I will be able to see the first of them somewhere early in November, about 45 days from now, because of the way I have structured my folders.) Once all the transcoding has been done, adding additional photos to the drive will be subject to the same delay - about 30 seconds per photo added before you will be able to see any of them on your mobile.

It’s too bad that all the laudatory adverising and on the box blurbs do not mention this huge processing delay for anything approaching a realistic number of photos (this is a large drive; mine is 2 TB, and even 1000 photos [they have to be JPEGs] in one directory will take about 8 - 10 hours to show). Most of us will think there are other issues before that time is up.

Triumph of marketing over techincal specs! Although, realistically, we should be able to figure this out: given the size of the drive enclosure, the power supply, the lack of a fan, etc., , all point to low power processing. The kind of processing power that I have on my desktop, 8 processor cores, 16 GB memory, which does this kind of transcoding task in less that 1 second would leave this external drive a melting puddle of plastic. Too bad WD can’t figure out a way to use the off-drive processing power to speed up this simple task.

Yes, it does take some time to transcode the files.

However, it’s been my experience that the first photos start showing up within 5 minutes or so.

I haven’t found the need to wait until ALL of them transcode to start viewing them.