WD Photo missing folders.....and rebuild not working

I have been having a problem with folders missing from my WD Photo for a number of months and keep meaning to come and find the solution.

In an earlier thread a WD tech suggested hitting ‘rebuild’ on the advanced settings control panel in the dashboard.  I did this and got a ‘waiting’ dialog for what seemed like an age - before I was then told that the request had timed out.  So I tried repeating it and no matter how many times I click the rebuild button, nothing happens.

I now only have one (empty) folder in my folder list, even though I know that there are hundreds of folders on the drive.

Have you tried using the My Cloud app? You can also access your pictures and other files with this app. 

I have a similar issue.
It seems that the image transcoding program (miocrawler) stops and terminates after a certain point. No amount of restarting will get to move on.