WD Photo - General Error 500 etc, etc

Hi - Does anyone actually have a workable solution for this problem? I have used the WD Photo app previously and it has worked but for several months now it hasn’t and I’ve been getting the (rather irritating) General Error (500) message with no further explanation or troubleshooting steps to solve it.

If anyone from WD actually reads these forums, it may be a good idea to pipe up and respond - even a “we’re working on it” would be polite enough for the time being. And for those of us who are fortunate enough to have it up and running, thank you but saying it works doesn’t help.

I have the app on both my android phone (HTC One) and my IPad and as I mentioned, I’ve used it on both so I know it works. I have not changed my photo database in any way, nothing has changed except the app that doesn’t work. I’ve worked through all forums and all suggestions (rebuild, reboot, delete, re-install etc) and still nothing. I’ve also updated to the latest firmware - it didn’t make a difference. I’ve tried the old WD Photo app and using the manual selection (with the activation code) - same error each time with both devices: ether General Error 500 or Access Has Been Denied or Unable to Access the Device or stuck on the “initial setup” (possible the indexing problem?) until it times out…

Incidentally, I am able to access the NAS (My Book Live) and photo folders / photos via the WD My Cloud app perfectly well, but that sort of defeats the purpose of having a dedicated app really, (imo).

So. Any suggestions that work (especially from WD or anyone that has had this same issue and resolved it) would be very, very welcome.

Thanks for your help in advance! :smiley:

We are always paying attention to customer issues and reports. We have passed along this information to WD Support.