WD Photo does not see some folders


I have two folders in the “Shared Photos” directory on my mbl, Album and Pictures.

The WD Photo app only sees the Album folder and not the Pictures folder.

I think that this is initially my fault because I ‘rsynced’ the Pictures folder and

rsync initially gave funky group ownership AND read write access ONLY to

the user Jerry.

I changed the group of the Pictures directory to ‘share’ ( and also all of the

files therein), and gave everybody read execute access.

The app still does not see the Pictures directory…

Is there anyway I can make the Pictures directory visible to the WD Phota app ( iPad).



Try DISABLING the media access on that share and re-enabling it.   That might force a re-index.


I deleted the WD Photo app from my iPad and re-i nstalled the rascal, now the first time

setup fails with:

      Device is offline (668)

and I cannot see any of my pictures…

The iPhone version of the app still does work and now sees the other photo folder ( 6k pics).

I have rebooted the MBL but it did no good ;(



The iPad appears to be repairing itself :slight_smile:

The initialization phase completed and both of the top level folders are


I pitched about 6k pics from the Picture folder by dumping the iTunes library…

The iPhone still thinks that all of the pictures are  still there…

I will give it another day to see if it notices all of the discarded pictures…